Let it Ride Odds

The payouts and odds for Let It Ride are used to calculate the normal house edge of 3.51%. Normally, the game is played with a single 52-card deck, so the odds are static; they never change, although the Let It Ride payout tables may change depending on where you play. Having said that, many players let their first and second bets ride as if they’re unaware of the probabilities of making certain hands. We’ll clarify Let Em Ride odds on this page so you’ll have a better framework from which to make your betting decisions. We’ll also describe an online casino that is perfectly suited for practicing your strategy.

Let It Ride Odds Based On Normal Strategy

We won’t bother going over the probabilities of making certain hands with only one community card (that is, following Bet 1, but before Bet 2). Instead, we’ll assume that you’re playing according to basic let it ride strategy; we’ll present the Let Them Ride odds for winning hands following Bet 2 (using both community cards).

Winning hands are defined as tens or better. That includes

As you can see, there are some pretty strong odds stacked against you hitting hands like the straight, flush, full house, 4 of a kind, and straight and royal flushes. The odds of making a pair of tens or better are 1 in 6. The odds for two pair are 1 in 21. A 3 of a kind happens in 1 out of 47 hands, and a straight occurs once every 255 hands. The odds of making a flush are 1 in 509 while a full house happens once per 694 hands. A 4 of a kind only occurs once per 4,165 hands, and a straight flush will appear 1 out of 72,193 hands. Finally, the Let It Ride odds for a royal flush are a staggering 1 in 649,740. You can compare these odds to the let it ride pay tables offered at different casinos and figure out the house edge (which if you apply best let em ride strategy you can reduce to around 3.5%.

Where To Put Let It Ride Odds To The Test

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We’ve tested dozens of gambling sites over the years. Some are better than others and a few rise to the top. We suggest that you visit Bodog Casino to enjoy Let It Ride poker the way it should be played online.