Let it Ride Bets

The simplicity behind the bets in Let It Ride make it one of the easiest games to learn and begin playing immediately. An absolute novice who has never played in the past can understand every component of the game within a minute. This is one of the reasons both land-based and online casinos offer the game: people love its simplicity.

Poker fans will find the Let Em Ride bets to be intuitive. But, the ease with which beginners can get started cannot be overstated. We’ll provide you with a quick tour through the Let Them Ride bets below.

Overview Of Let It Ride Bets

Technically, there are 3 rounds of Let It Ride bets, including your ante bet.

Once you place your ante bet, 3 cards are dealt face up to you and 2 community cards are dealt face down. You can choose to raise your ante bet (by the same amount of your ante) prior to the first community card being revealed. Or, you can choose to continue to the next round without raising your ante.

After the first community card has been revealed, you’ll have another opportunity to decide whether to raise your ante or continue without betting. Once the last community card has been turned over, the value of your 5-card hand is calculated.

A couple of notes – first be sure you understand the proper let it ride strategy before you begin playing. Also remember that playing let it ride live is slightly different than at online casinos. Live casinos you place all three bets out originally and then pull back or leave out 2 of them depending on the hand. Not sure why it is that way from the live casinos but I suppose they feel like once people put the money out there the first time they are less likely to ‘bring it back’.

Some land-based casinos also let their players make a side bet. By betting an additional $1 against your hand, you stand to reap an extra payout if your hand hits a combination on the let it ride pay table. Of all Let Em Ride bets, this is the worst because the house edge is so large. For example, Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay carries the edge at 25.53% for the side bet.

Best Place To Practice Your Let It Ride Bets

If you have never played the game, visit Bodog Casino and create your account. It’s a great way to gain experience and grow accustomed to placing Let Them Ride bets. You can choose to download their robust gambling software or enjoy the game directly through your browser. They also allow you to play with a practice account until you’re ready to place real money wagers. Visit Bodog Casino today to learn Let It Ride bets at your own pace.