3 Card Poker Hand Probabilities

It is not essential that you learn 3 Card Poker hand probabilities in order to enjoy playing the game. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this site, the game’s simplicity is one of the reasons it is so popular. That said, if you’d like to see the numbers behind basic Tri-Card Poker strategy, we’ll provide them for you below.

As a quick review, Three Card Poker is comprised of two different bets: the Ante and Play bet and the Pair Plus bet. Both use different pay tables, but share the same 3 Card Poker hand probabilities.

Overview Of 3 Card Poker Hand Probabilities

In a single 52-card deck, there are 48 possible straight flushes that can appear. Each straight flush has a 0.21719% chance of showing. 3s of a kind are slightly more common; there are 52 of them, each with a 0.23529% probability of showing.

Straights occur far more frequently because there are 720 possible combinations. Each straight has a 3.25792% likelihood of appearing. There are 1,096 possible flushes, each with a 4.95928% chance of occurring. Pairs, of course, are very common; there are 3,744 of them and each has a 16.94118% probability of showing.

There are 9,720 possible hands that contain a Queen, King, or Ace high. The likelihood that you’ll be dealt a hand that contains a Queen or higher is 43.9819%. On the other hand, there is a 30.40724% probability that your hand will only have a Jack high or lower.

With respect to the Pair Plus bet, there is a 74.3891% chance that your hand will not contain a pair or better. In other words, you’ll make a winning hand for the Pair Plus nearly 25% of the time.

Best Casino To Test 3 Card Poker Hand Probabilities

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