3 Card Poker Strategy

We’ve mentioned more than once on this site that Tri-Card Poker is incredibly simple to learn and easy to get started playing quickly. That’s one of its charms. But, you still need to play according to basic 3 Card Poker strategy to avoid making poor bets.

Throughout this site, we’ve introduced you to the rules, hand frequencies in three card poker, traditional payouts, and other facets of the game. We’ll now bring those elements together to help you maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses. On this page, we’ll describe basic 3 Card Poker strategy and explain how you should approach the 3 card poker Ante and Play, and the Pair Plus bets. We’ll also introduce you to an advanced Three Card Poker strategy that can give you a crucial edge.

Key Factors Of 3 Card Poker Strategy

Basic 3 Card Poker strategy hinges upon three main components.

3 Card Poker Strategy: Ante And Play

The Ante and Play portion of Tri-Card Poker strategy is simple to remember. If you have a Queen-six-four or higher, bet. If not, fold. For example, if your hand contains a King, you should bet regardless of the values of your two other cards. If you don’t have a Queen, King, or Ace, fold.

On the other hand, if you have a Queen, look to your next highest card. If it is higher than a six, bet. If it is lower than a six, fold. If your next highest card is a six, use your last card as the trigger. If your last card is a four or higher, bet.

3 Card Poker Strategy: Pair Plus

Your Pair Plus bet is based solely upon whether your hand holds a pair or higher. The dealer’s hand does not affect your bet. With regard to sound 3 Card Poker strategy, your decision to make the Pair Plus bet should be based on the pay table. At most casinos, the pay table carries a 7.28% house edge.

That’s enormous and we recommend that you avoid it.

Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon a casino that uses a pay table with a lower house edge. We have seen tables that carry a 5.57% edge and a 4.58% edge, but they are seldom used. The lowest edge we have found is 2.32%. Given that the probability of pulling a pair or better on Tri-Card Poker is approximately 25%, we would only recommend making the Pair Plus bet with a 2.32% edge (again, bodog casino).

Advanced 3 Card Poker Strategy

If you’re playing three card poker in a land-based casino, you may have an opportunity to see one of the dealer’s two cards. The reason is due to the speed with which the cards are dealt. Casinos want dealers to deal as many hands as possible. That way, the house edge brings in more revenue per hour.

However, dealers get sloppy.

When they do, they occasionally show their bottom card by accident. You should use that information to alter your 3 Card Poker strategy to take advantage of this new information. This is a 3 card poker tip that the casino regulars know and they even scout out dealers to find which ones deal the worst!

If the dealer shows a Jack or lower, you would obviously bet because the dealer’s hand will not qualify. If the dealer shows a Queen, you should only bet if you’re holding a Queen-nine-two or higher. If the dealer shows a King, fold anything lower than a King-nine-two. If you notice the dealer is holding an Ace, fold unless you have an Ace-nine-two or higher.

You won’t be able to rely upon advanced 3 Card Poker strategy because you’re waiting for the dealer to make a mistake. However, when it happens, you’ll gain an important edge.

Gambling Site On Line That Offer Three Card Poker

There are several reasons why we enjoy playing Tri-Card Poker at Bodog Casino. They have always maintained superb customer support and they provide top-notch gambling software. But, there’s another reason that fits perfectly with the 3 Card Poker strategy we’ve described on this page: their pay tables.

Bodog Casino uses one of the most generous Ante and Play pay tables you’ll find online. They also use the Pair Plus pay table that carries a slim 2.32% house edge (the lowest we’ve seen). We highly recommend that you visit Bodog Casino and register your account. You’ll not only enjoy access to one of the top-tier online casinos, but you’ll also be able to use basic 3 Card Poker strategy with the lowest edge you’ll find.