3 Card Pair Plus Strategy

The Pair Plus bet in Tri-Card Poker is exclusive to your hand. It doesn’t matter whether the dealer’s hand beats your own. Nor does it matter whether the dealer can even qualify. Instead, it is a separate wager that pays out for straight flushes, 3s of a kind, straights, flushes, and pairs. 3 Card Pair Plus strategy is simple to learn. We’ll explain how it works below and direct you to the best online casino at which to enjoy the game. You can reference our list of 3 card poker hand probabilities for the stats and odds behind making a hand and hitting a bonus.

Basic 3 Card Pair Plus Strategy

Most Tri-Card Poker experts will suggest that you avoid making the Pair Plus bet. The reason is due to the house edge. A large number of casinos use a pay table that carries the edge at 7.28%. Given that the worst Ante and Play pay table carries a 4.28% edge, 7.28% is substantial. Because you can only expect to make a pair or better approximately 25% of the time, you’re exposing yourself to a significant risk by betting the Pair Plus.

Having said that, there is a pay table that is rarely used which offers a small 2.32% house edge. When you’re playing at casinos that use this table, the correct 3 Card Pair Plus strategy would be to always bet the Pair Plus.

Here is the 3 card pair plus pay table for easy reference:

Straight Flush: 40:1
3 of a Kind: 30:1
Straight: 6:1
Flush: 4:1
Pair: 1:1
House Edge: 2.32%

Strangely, the only difference between the above table and the worst Pair Plus table is the payout for the flush. The worst pay table pays flushes at 3:1.

You’ll occasionally run across another Pair Plus table that offers a 2.70% edge. That’s still generous and you should make the Pair Plus bet. Here’s the table for reference:

Straight Flush: 35:1
3 of a Kind: 33:1
Straight: 6:1
Flush: 4:1
Pair: 1:1
House Edge: 2.70%

If you’re unable to find a casino that uses either of the two tables above, your best 3 Card Pair Plus strategy is to avoid the bet. Now that’s an honest 3 card poker tip you can take to the bank!

Where To Use The 3 Card Pair Plus Strategy

Bodog Casino uses the best Ante and Play pay table (with a small 3.37% edge), and the most generous Pair Plus table (with a 2.32% edge).

Few gambling sites use both of those tables, and it’s just one reason you see Bodog featured here on this site.

We recommend that you visit Bodog Casino and register your free account. You’ll be given immediate access to their software as well as their Flash playing environment. It’s a great way to enjoy using your 3 Card Pair Plus strategy. If you want to test your skills with play money chips, you can visit our free 3 card poker game or play instantly in the no download three card poker game, either one will have you playing in no time!

Finally, be sure you to read our 3 card poker strategy page before risking your real money either online or at a live casino.