Let it Ride Tips

The Let it Ride Poker game is incredibly simple. Enough so that any novice can sit at a table, learn the rules, and start playing confidently within minutes. That said, mistakes can be expensive. We’ll help you avoid them by walking you through the most important Let Em Ride poker tips below. First, let’s review…

Quick Overview Of Let it Ride Poker Rules

The game begins after you choose the amount of your ante. In a land-based casino, you would place your ante, first bet, and second bet on the table in their designated spaces (3 circles). Then, you would decide whether to pull them back or “let them ride” as the hand progresses. When you play let it ride poker online, you only place your ante bet. Then, you would actively place subsequent bets during the hand, rather than pulling them back. It’s a small difference, but it confuses beginning players.

Once you place your ante bet, three cards are dealt to you face-up and two community cards are dealt face-down. You’ll have two options: raise or continue without raising. Raises are always the same amount as your ante.

After you make your choice, one of the two community cards is revealed. You’ll now have another opportunity to raise your ante or continue without raising. Once you decide, the second community card is revealed and your 5-card hand is compared to the pay table. Any hand with a pair of tens or higher earns a payout. It is a pretty basic game, even beginners can pick it up easily. If you are new to online casinos, I highly recommend reading through common beginner online casino advice over at CasinoAnswers.com

Important Let It Ride Tips And Strategy

The Let It Ride tips we’ll describe in a moment are based upon the most prolific pay table used in both land-based and online casinos. Here is that table:

The above payouts give the house an edge of 3.51%. There are pay tables that offer a lower edge, but they’re seldom used.

Basic Let Em Ride strategy is categorized into two phases: the first bet and the second bet. Before you decide whether to make the first bet or continue without raising your ante, look at your 3-card hand.

Let it Ride Poker Tip – When to Raise a 3 Card Straight Flush

While playing actual texas holdem poker opposed to let it ride poker, a 3-card straight flush isn’t that much to talk about, but if you are playing Let it Ride you have some decisions to make. If your 3-card Straight Flush represents a low-end straight (i.e. Ace-2-3), do not raise. The reason is because the two community cards would have to build on the single top end to make the straight. Those odds are less than ideal. If you are playing texas holdem poker, the fastest tip we can give you is to make sure you are taking advantage of any poker rakeback offers that will help you re-coup some of the fee’s you pay to the poker site for playing on their table.

Let it Ride Poker Tip – When you have “1 Gap” Straight Flush Cards

If your 3 cards do not make a Straight Flush, but might do so when combined with the community cards, there may be an opportunity to raise. For example, if the cards are spread across four ranks (for example, 7-8-10), raise if you have at least one high card (ten or higher). If the cards are spread across five ranks (for example, 6-8-10), raise if at least two of them are high cards.

Let’s move on to a few Let It Ride tips for the second bet…

You’re now considering your three cards and one community card.

Few people recommend raising with four cards leading to a possible inside straight (for example, 6-7-9-10). However, if your four cards are high cards, you should raise.

Where To Leverage These Let It Ride Poker Tips

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Join Bodog Casino to use the Let It Ride tips we’ve provided you above. You’re bound to enjoy the playing experience as much as we do.

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