3 Card Poker Tips

Because 3 Card Poker follows simple rules, you can do relatively well by playing according to basic three card poker strategy. That mostly involves raising your bet and knowing when to fold, given the cards you’re carrying as well as knowing the probability of winning hands in three card poker.

The mistake a lot of gamblers make is to veer off their normal routine (whether due to greed, optimism, or carelessness). Unfortunately, they often wipe out their winnings in the process. We’ll help you avoid making that mistake below.

We’ll provide a few basic 3 Card Poker tips that will help you improve your winnings and limit your losses. We’ll also reveal an important tip about the 3 card poker Pair Plus bet.

Basic 3 Card Poker Tips

Keep in mind you can only see your hand prior to raising your ante or folding. If you’d like to play by the odds (and we suggest you do), remember this hand: Queen-six-four. If your hand’s high card is a Jack or lower, you should fold. If the high card is a King or Ace, you should raise your ante. Here are the times when you should raise your ante bet instead of folding.

If your hand’s high card is a Queen, look at your second highest card and go through the same process. Is it a five or lower? If yes, fold. Is it a seven or better? If it is, raise your ante. If your second highest card is a six, look at your last card. Unless it is a four or a five, fold your hand.

Those are the basic 3 Card Poker tips that most fans of the game use. But, there’s another tip that can dramatically improve your results.

Quick Tip on 3 card poker pair plus bet

A lot of Tri-Card enthusiasts recommend that you avoid the Pair Plus bet. In most cases, you should. Casinos normally use a Pair Plus pay table that carries a 7.28% house edge. The high house edge is what makes this a bad bet, but if you play at our recommended casino, the house edge on this bet scales down to 2.32% and we discuss how to play the 3 card poker pair plus strategy as well as a strategy for 3 card poker ante.

But, what if you could find a pay table with a much lower edge? There are some casinos that carry the edge on the Pair Plus bet at only 2.32%. When you’re playing with that pay table, the odds demand that you always bet the Pair Plus. If you are interested in Caribbean Stud, check out caribbean stud poker for a list of tips, odds and resources for this game.

Putting Your 3 Card Poker Tips To Work

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Lastly, Bodog is one of the few gambling sites that uses a Pair Plus pay table with a 2.32% edge. Visit Bodog Casino today and test drive the 3 Card Poker tips we’ve described above and maybe put a little coin in your pocket.