Let it Ride Pay Tables

To understand your odds when playing Let It Ride, you need to appreciate how the pay tables are designed. Because of its popularity, the game is offered at nearly all land-based and online casinos. However, it is not always clear whether or not a given casino is enjoying a large house edge.

Like all casino games, the house edge is based upon two factors:

There are several Let Em Ride pay tables in use at online and offline casinos. On this page, we’ll describe each of them along with their corresponding house edges. You’ll be able to use the information below to immediately identify how much money you can expect to lose per hand. We’ll assume that you’re using basic Let Them Ride strategy and that you’re carrying the bets on break-even hands.

Most Common Let Em Ride Pay Table

You’ll be able to tell which Let Them Ride paytable you’re using by noting the payout for a royal flush. The other winning combinations are easy to confuse because a few of them are homogeneous across more than one table.

The most common table pays 1,000 to 1 for a royal flush. Going down the line, here are the payouts for the other winning hands:

This Let It Ride pay table is used at most online casinos, including Bodog Casino. It carries a 3.51% house edge. So far, this is the best odds we’ve seen offered at any of the reputable online casinos that have let it ride.

Less Common Let It Ride Pay Tables

There are two Let Em Ride pay tables, in particular, that give the impression that their payouts are miserly. This is due mostly to the amount paid for royal flushes (this is the figure that most people focus on). Oddly, the house edge on both tables is lower than it is on the pay table we’ve described above.

The first of these two tables pays out the following:

And the second of the two tables pays out:

Take a closer look at the two Let It Ride pay tables above. You’ll already have noted the huge discrepancy between the royal flush payouts when compared to the first table we covered. The straight flush payouts are also far lower. However, you’ll notice that the chasm between the payouts becomes smaller down the table.

The payout lines (if the tables were on a graph) converge and cross on the full house. Both of the less common tables actually pay out more for a full house than the table used at most online casinos. Flushes and straights are also paid out higher.

The result is that the first of the two less common Let Them Ride pay tables carries a house edge of only 3.03%. The second carries an edge of only 2.96%.

Other types of payouts are available that are similar to gambling. That is called binary betting. You can bet on the financial markets and get different payouts depending on whether the underlying asset finished the binary trade in the money our out of the money.

The Worst Let It Ride Poker Pay Table

The worst Let Em Ride paytable that we’ve seen pays out royal flushes at 500 to 1! The rest of the table’s winning hands pay out as follows:

From the 500 to 1 payout for a royal flush, you might think that the house edge on this table is relatively small. However, the edge is at 3.74%, the highest among all the Let It Ride pay tables. You’ll notice the problem lies with the payouts for flushes and straights; they’re much lower than other tables. Compare these pay tables to the let it ride odds of making your hands and you can make sure you are placing your bets at the right casinos.

Let It Ride Pay Tables At Bodog Casino – Excellent

Bodog Casino consistently turns in a better overall experience than most other gambling sites. They have made a name for themselves based on years of responding to their customers’ changing needs. You’ll find their support is always responsive, their software offers rich, engaging graphics, and their wagering options are entirely intuitive. We mentioned that Bodog uses a Let It Ride pay table that pays out 1,000 to 1 on royal flushes with a 3.51% house edge. It’s slightly higher than other tables, but it is the most common table used at the top-tier online casinos.

Whether you’re just getting acquainted with Let Em Ride or are looking for a new gambling site to call home, visit Bodog Casino today. Once you finish beating the odds on the Let It Ride pay table, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your other favorite casino games as well.